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Articles in the current Issue

Searching For The Cure

Searching For The Cure

Dark, dissonant, disturbing – how did The Cure become huge? Tim Peacock delves into the first few years of the band that became a legend to discover what shaped them The Cure are recognised as one of the most significant bands to have emerged over the past four decades. Usually associated with frontman Robert Smith’s trademark big hair and smeared lipstick, they have long been the …


Sketches for a Self Portrait

Sketches for a Self Portrait

The discovery of a huge stash of acetates of Bob Dylan material found in a Greenwich Village apartment has cast new light on his Self Portrait album and its recording. Richie Unterberger speaks to Jeff Gold, the Dylanonolgist who unearthed this digger’s dream For an album so roundly trashed upon its original 1970 release, Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait has undergone a remarkable …

ARTICLE From Issue 431



The Flaming Lips used to be a normal, slow-moving band. Now, in the time it’s taken you to read this, they’ve probably cut an EP. And one that’s scarily good and edgy too. Paul Lester grills singer Wayne Coyne to find out how They might be celebrating their 31st birthday, but The Flaming Lips show no signs of slowing up, or of becoming an orthodox recording and touring unit reliant on …

ARTICLE From Issue 431

Latest News

Box sets from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, INXS. Reissues from Wire, and Queen live. Q&As with: Accept, UB40's Ali Campbell, ex-Whitesnake's Bernie Marsden, THE THE, Rage's Mike Terrana.

Reviews from the current issue

Here is a selection from over 200 reviews from this month's Record Collector, the magazine that has the world's largest coverage of reissues

GENTLE GIANT - The Power And The Glory

Once more with visuals – a concept recycled British quintet Gentle Giant have picked up more name-checks than paycheques over the years, particularly from the US arm of the “new prog” movement. The Power And The Glory was their first US Top 50 entry, so will be well known to many – and here we have its second reiteration in four years.  The Giant’s 1974 opus was …

ALBUM REVIEW From Issue 431

- One Three One: A Time-Shifting Gnostic Hooligan Road Novel by Julian Cope

Stones and drugs and rock’n’roll So, Julian Cope has written a novel, yeah? Can you guess what it’s about? Drugs – yes.Megaliths – yes. Obscure music – yes (though some of it is made up). But did you expect cars? Cars driving up and down Sardinia’s only motorway, the 131. Classic cars in which famous people the likes of Albert Camus and Jayne Mansfield have …

BOOK REVIEW From Issue 431

ELTON JOHN - The Million Dollar Piano

Viva Reg Vegas! It’s easy to see why the Las Vegas residency is such an attractive prospect to artists with the commercial clout to be offered one. No tedious travelling between venues or airport and hotel check-ins, you just rock up in the Nevada desert and unpack for an extended stay. Elton John enjoyed his 243- performance show, The Red Piano, so much that he headed back there in …

DVD REVIEW From Issue 431

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE, THE NATIONAL - London Hyde Park (12th July, 2014)

View: VIP paddock In one corner, showered and blue-blazered, The National. In the other, gloriously ragged, Neil Young & Crazy Horse. The former continue their unstoppable rise and, unsurprisingly, have the more hits-heavy set: Mr November, Don’t Swallow The Cap, Mistaken For Strangers, Bloodbuzz Ohio. But when Young goes for bombast, there are no half-measures, an elongated Rocking In …

LIVE REVIEW From Issue 431


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