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Articles in the current Issue



The debut album holds a unique place in music. Little wonder, then, that it’s often the most collectable item by an artist. Ian Shirley, editor of the Rare Record Price Guide 2016, brings us 51 opening shots worth targeting Even in this age of digital downloads and streaming of individual tracks, the debut album by an artist is of vital importance and of great interest to fans. It reveals not …




Neither as fast or as empty as much of the music that borrowed from it, Chicago’s original house music delivered weirdness and soul you could dance to. It also unleashed a heap of collectable 12” singles, collated here by Kris Needs It’s not just boom boom boom. They’re telling me something here. Something I can dance to and learn from. I can see house music becoming universal …

ARTICLE From Issue 433



The subject of a play, a new film and multi-CD retrospective, Frankie Valli, the Jersey boy talks to Paul Rigby. Had I not made it in the music business then there was always a risk that I might have turned to crime. Most of the people that I grew up with were not college-educated. There was no one funding that. If you didn’t make it one way, you made it the other way. You either got mobbed …

ARTICLE From Issue 433

Latest News

Box/deluxe sets from Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughan, T.Rex, Donna Summer, Henry Mancini, Rush, Johnny Mathis, Ronnie Milsap. Reissues from Suede, HIM, Bryan Adams. Q&As with: Ex-Genesis' Anthony Phillips, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Jethro Tull's Martin Barre, Godflesh, Marillion's Steve Rothery.

Reviews from the current issue

Here is a selection from over 200 reviews from this month's Record Collector, the magazine that has the world's largest coverage of reissues

MARTYN BATES - Arriving Fire

Playing with Fire His oeuvre may barely have registered with the mainstream, but Martyn Bates has nonetheless maintained a prolific output over the past 35 years. At the time of writing, he can lay claim to 19 solo/collaborative releases, as well as the 17 LPs he’s made as half of the experimental Nuneaton post-punk duo Eyeless In Gaza.  Bates’ latest, Arriving Fire, lands a …

ALBUM REVIEW From Issue 433

- Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page

Rock god’s back Pages Look at that sweet, innocent choirboy on Page 7. You wouldn’t think it, but he grew up to be one of the world’s most notorious hellraisers and, latterly, gentle elder statesmen of rock. The septuagenarian Page is, these days, fairly reticent about his life as one quarter of Led Zeppelin; with expanded LZ reissues hitting the shelves, it’s fair to assume …

BOOK REVIEW From Issue 433

ANTHRAX - Chile On Hell

Yo soy la ley! You won’t fuck around no more… If you’re a classic metal band, a great way to pay the bills – and this is not intended to be sarcastic – is to go out on tour, find a rabid crowd, play the old hits and record the show for a DVD. Who needs the newer songs or the album fillers? Give the punters what they want and take the money.  That’s what veteran …

DVD REVIEW From Issue 433

- Dagenham Roundhouse (14th September, 2014)

View: from the bar With the current incarnation of Man – Wales’ contribution to psych rock – firmly Germany-based, it’s left to George Jones, son of late ever-present, Micky, to keep the home fires burning. Along with ex-Man drummer, Bob Richards, fellow lead guitar, Glenn Quinn, and three refugees from Sassafras, his aptly-named outfit do just that. At a venue infinitely …

LIVE REVIEW From Issue 433


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