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Articles in the current Issue

New Money

New Money

Everyone knows old records are worth dosh, right? But fewer people are aware that comparatively recent records can also attract a pretty penny. Ian Shirley, Editor of the Rare Record Price Guide, rounds up 51 whippersnappers from the 00s and beyond that a casual punter would overlook if they turned up at a boot fair…  In February 2013, My Bloody Valentine released their third album, …


By Briar arrangement

By Briar arrangement

Among the more probing and intriguing of bands to emerge from planet indie, of Montreal have amassed a fascinating catalogue, among which you’ll find some amazing collectables. Main man Kevin Barnes talks to RC’s Jamie Atkins  Never let it be said that Kevin Barnes is happy to rest upon his laurels. Upon forming his shape-shifting collective of Montreal in 1996, Barnes’ …

ARTICLE From Issue 427



1964 was the vital year for The Rolling Stones: the breakthroughs they made half a century ago reverberate today. Kris Needs brings back the era of that debut LP, recording at Chess, Dean Martin’s fleas, and Andrew ‘Loog’ Oldham as Phil Spector… Last year The Rolling Stones celebrated becoming the first and only major league rock’n’roll band to hit 50 years of continuing …

ARTICLE From Issue 427

Latest News

Box sets from Abba, Led Zeppelin, Kronos Quartet, UFO, Saxon, KISS. Record Store Day and Secret 7" releases. Q&As with: Alan Parsons, Benmont Tench, Beverley Martin, Derek Griffiths, Nazareth, Neil Innes.

Reviews from the current issue

Here is a selection from over 200 reviews from this month's Record Collector, the magazine that has the world's largest coverage of reissues

KING’S X - Out Of The Silent Planet

80s metal enters the soular system…   Often said – not least by King’s X themselves – to be the precursors of grunge, in 1988 the band were seen as a slightly eccentric hard rock/ metal band with progressive and occasionally vaguely psychedelic tendencies. While there’s a 70s atmosphere to the tunes in this, their ’88 debut, it’s clear …

ALBUM REVIEW From Issue 427

NORMAN PETTY - Norman Petty: The King Of Clovis by Frank Blanas

Heavy Petty: rock’n’roll architect celebrated Norman Petty is widely hailed as one of the most influential producers of the 50s: famous enough to be the subject of this massive book containing virtually every known fact and photograph concerning his life and times. He’s probably best remembered for recording Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ biggest hits, though his career in the …

BOOK REVIEW From Issue 427

JOY DIVISION - He Wasn’t Just The Fifth Member Of Joy Division

Demystifying, then remystifying At just under four hours long, this documentary on Joy Division roducer/“Manchester sound” creator and all-round odd egg Martin Hannett is not for the faint-hearted. Spooling between audio and visual interviews with an impressive cast, it’s more of a sensory experience than a standard film; at points, differing sound and picture …

DVD REVIEW From Issue 427

- Birmingham Town Hall (17th March, 2014)

View: stalls Together At Last, the pairing may seem strange: He’s a cornerstone of the US 60s folk revival, she’s part of the 70s singer-songwriter explosion. So, their approaches are very different. Yet this odd couple worked beautifully together. Performing side-by-side for two sets, aided by mandolin-player Robin Bullock, the duo revealed their common ground, and …

LIVE REVIEW From Issue 427