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Articles in the current Issue

Searching For The Cure

Searching For The Cure

Dark, dissonant, disturbing – how did The Cure become huge? Tim Peacock delves into the first few years of the band that became a legend to discover what shaped them The Cure are recognised as one of the most significant bands to have emerged over the past four decades. Usually associated with frontman Robert Smith’s trademark big hair and smeared lipstick, they have long been the …




Little Anthony Gourdine has one of the most distinctive sounds in music, and the dramatic, heartrending records he created with his group, The Imperials, are undying classics of both doo-wop and soul. Spencer Leigh meets him After a long friendship with Michael Jackson, a torrid marriage with Liza Minnelli and eating a kangaroo’s testicle in the jungle, David Gest has become a soul music …

ARTICLE From Issue 431



The Flaming Lips used to be a normal, slow-moving band. Now, in the time it’s taken you to read this, they’ve probably cut an EP. And one that’s scarily good and edgy too. Paul Lester grills singer Wayne Coyne to find out how They might be celebrating their 31st birthday, but The Flaming Lips show no signs of slowing up, or of becoming an orthodox recording and touring unit reliant on …

ARTICLE From Issue 431

Latest News

Box sets from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, INXS. Reissues from Wire, and Queen live. Q&As with: Accept, UB40's Ali Campbell, ex-Whitesnake's Bernie Marsden, THE THE, Rage's Mike Terrana.

Reviews from the current issue

Here is a selection from over 200 reviews from this month's Record Collector, the magazine that has the world's largest coverage of reissues

JOHN HARTFORD - Life, Love & Music (1966-1969)

Emmylou thought him to be better than Gram himself It’s worth recalling that Gentle On My Mind, John Hartford’s signature song, figures in the Top 20 on BMI’s 100 Songs Of The 20th Century. Thanks to its discovery by Glen Campbell and Dean Martin, this delightful stroll over a romance where a sleeping bag is left rolled up and stashed behind a hippie chick’s sofa gave the …

ALBUM REVIEW From Issue 431

GEORGE CLINTON - George Clinton & The Cosmic Odyssey Of The P-Funk Empire by Kris Needs

The diagnosis on Dr Funkenstein Perhaps it’s because of his larger-than-life cartoon image and penchant for epic silliness, but George Clinton rarely inspires the type of awed reverence regularly heaped on fellow funk titans James Brown and Sly Stone. But the stratospheric impact that Parliament, Funkadelic  and his ragtag collective of P-Funk offshoots have made on modern music …

BOOK REVIEW From Issue 431

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Clockwork Orange County: The Rise Of West Coast Punk Rock!

Middle-class revolt With its manicured lawns and ultra-comfortable corporate housing, California’s Orange County (situated south of sprawling, multicultural Los Angeles) was the embodiment of conservative, middle-class America during the late 70s. Director Jonathan WC Mills’ Clockwork Orange County, however, shows that while their parents embraced this affluent paradise, it held …

DVD REVIEW From Issue 431

WINGER - London Islington O2 Academy (21st June, 2014)

View: standing, rear Black Wolf and a spirited performance from Jett Black got the party off to a splendid start, before Kip Winger and his namesake band, including ex-Whitesnake riff-cruncher, Reb Beach. Kip does less posing than of yore, and more talking, but the focus was new album, Better Days Comin’, which impressed, even if the material is not as commercial as before. Razor-sharp …

LIVE REVIEW From Issue 431


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